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Welcome to the Funky Brunch.

Say hey to Bugs; meet Jerry. Be enlightened by writings of the Helping Friendly Book. Dine among your neighbors and relax with your friends.



The Funky Brunch opened in February 2017. It is the first collaboration between chef Nick and his loyal friend, Joe. 

We hope you'll find our approach to food to be a serious one. The objective is to make simple, elegant, delicious food from scratch, using high quality ingredients. The menu is a relatively small one, featuring rotating, seasonally-inspired offerings for breakfast and lunch.

The space at the Funky Brunch reflects a more casual, relaxed approach. Our goal is to make customers comfortable, and to encourage their interaction with one another. Come, listen, eat, play, stay.



Wed-Fri 7a–3p

Sat-Sun 8a–3p



The cafe at

701 Philadelphia Street

Indiana, PA 15701